Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Baltimore Children's Photographer | A Day at the Art Museum

Wanna hide from my camera? Challenge accepted.

One warm summer day I met mom and her little cuties at The Baltimore Museum of Art to see if we could create a little art ourselves. Mom is an art teacher at my kids school, so going to an art museum was a no brainer. I love going to art museum's - it just does something to me. I can't quite explain it. Just being surrounded by so much creativity - UH - inspiring! Funny thing is, my favorite part of a museum to photograph in is the abstract areas, and I personally hate that type of art. Ok, maybe hate is a strong word....not my cup of tea.:)
We started out exploring inside, but ended up heading outside to the sculpture garden to give them a little more freedom. It's a small area, but it has so much to work with! I love fluffy grass! Big sis was a little apprehensive at first. Ok, I lied. She was very apprehensive, but apparently I won her over with a little help from my assistant a.k.a. Kate - one of my girls. And what do you do after a successful session? Get ice cream of course!
Thank you, Ashlei for sharing your girls with me, and sharing my same passion for my little works of art <3

I get by with a little help from my kids.... :)


  1. Every picture tells a stories all! Reminds me of the images in the video for the song "I Hope You Dance" same feeling, too.
    Beautiful artwork, Angel. Beautiful girls, Ashlei.

  2. This is a fantastic day captured by your camera! Gorgeous photos! Gorgeous subjects! -Bethy Zim